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Laura Mercier Workshop Experience

I was browsing around at Rustan’s Shang for a good powder foundation (in compact form) when I passed by the Laura Mercier counter.
The ever gorgeous MA Lara then excitedly told me that there was a Laura Mercier Makeup Seminar. 🙂 I learned quite a lot of new things even if
I left early because my aunt arrived earlier than usual. Here are some of the tips I got there that I can share with you.

1. Warm up your concealer on the back of your hand. It makes you waste less product, and end up with a more natural even finish.

2. Do not cover your eyebags and dark circles completely. It will make you look weird if you do not have those, people naturally have darker undereyes, but just to cover the right amount to lessen the intensity of the darkness.

3. Yellow is to cover redness. Pink and peaches to cover the blues and the grays.

4. That I actually have to use less finishing powder than I usually do. When I saw the Makeup Artist used small amount of powder and just squished it in his sponge and patted
it around. Pat pat pat. Pat your loose powder with a velour sponge.

Ok I’m sorry but that’s it. I wasnt able to go to the part where you color up your face 🙁 boo. I would probably attend more of these in the future. Im having a bit of more
time for myself lately.  *wink*

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