Benefits of Investing on Condos in the Philippines
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Benefits of Investing on Condos in the Philippines from a Millennial’s POV

Hello everyone! Before I start with my blog entry I’d like to ask you a question. How are you saving your money? Do you keep it in banks, invest it on business, stocks, properties, or all of the above?



I’ve already tackled the Basics of Philippine Stock Market and own a few stocks here and there. My son macho kid is starting early as his savings go directly into his mutual funds the moment his coin bank hits 5k. Now I’m curious on learning about property investment. From house and lots to condominiums. Let’s begin with the benefits of investing condos in the Philippines.


Benefits of Investing on Condos in the Philippines

Credits: Camella Condo Homes

  1. If what you’re buying is brand new, you’d have less trouble in repairing previous owners’ damages.
  2. Less maintenance and upkeep because you pay for the management’s condo fees
  3. Condos are always high in demand
  4. Millenials and Xelenials prefer living in the urban area
  5. Smaller space = lesser maintainance
  6. Condos like COHO by Camella Homes typically offer a range of stellar amenities that attract renters — pool, gym, spa, etc.
  7. Condominums are generally more affordable than house and lots.
  8. Re-sale demand for condos is high, which gives investors good exit strategy if they need to sell.
  9. Low deposit requirement
  10. Flexible payment schemes


Factors to Consider in Buying a Condo Unit


You can have the perfect mid-rise building but when it’s located without nearby establishments it’s close to useless. That’s what’s great about COHO by Camella Homes. They not only build a condominum, they build a lifestyle.

All Day Supermarket

Condominium developers like COHO by Camella Homes often provide access to certain amenities like Clubhouses, swimming pools, basketball courts, fitness facilities and security.


How does your developer maintain the quality of its residents? Do they perform a background check? Do they have suffice security personnel and CCTVs?



IMO, Metro Manila is congested already. It’s your choice whether to tolerate traffic, or invest in budding metro areas from other parts of the Philippines. COHO by Camella Homes currently has 25 locations you can choose from


Is the condo unit you’re considering worth the price tag? Do they have low down payment schemes and flexible options? Can you pay in a certain amount of time?

Final Thoughts

If you’re just starting out in adulthood, you might want to consider investing on condos. They’re low-maintenance, more affordable than house & lots, and you can even rent it out so you get to earn fruits of your hard labor.








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