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My Happy Experience With Saya

I have read a lot of good things about having a baby sling/carrier. (See previous posts) and I have tried several kinds. Here are my thoughts on those, and also my choice as the best sling ever! This is not a paid advertisement and I bought my Saya at

Apologies for the lack of color/makeup. I’m recently rebuilding up my stash since when I got pregnant I hated cosmetics and gave away or sold off most of them. Stay tune for my shopping sprees since I MISSED MAKEUP so much!

1. Pouch – It’s a piece of cloth that’s closed and you just slide the baby in. No size adjustments so you have to get the perfect size. I got the small size from Indigo Manila. This was my first carrier. I found it very convenient since it’s just wear and go. But when my baby turned 2 months, he couldnt fit, and the medium size would be too big for us. It’s not the size of the pouch but the width, he’s a fat baby so he’s very uncomfortable with this, and it couldnt be stretched (fabric not stretchable) maybe I should try other pouch brands but I only know Indigo’s so far.

2. Sling – I kept on thinking if I would buy this, but before I got to purchase It I tried it at EcoMart at Serendra, they assisted me on how to place it, adjust and use it. But alas, I couldnt get the hang of it so I didnt buy it.

 3. Saya – It’s like the best of all worlds of carrier. The convenience of a pouch, the versatility of a sling, and the comfort of a wrap. And baby geof loved it! We took it anywhere! When he was smaller he loved the pod position, but when he grew and my baby loves to explore his favorite was the kangaroo and even fall asleep in that position. It’s a HUGE help when we go to clinic checkups, mall, church, birthday parties. He was never fussy, and for me, I was never tired! Think of carrying him the whole day.
My baby is the type of baby that doesnt like to be put down, so thanks for Saya for making me, and my baby, Ma-saya! 🙂


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