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Lens Review: GEO CK107

I have weird eyes..:( Even if I wear circle lenses they still look odd on me my eyes are rather elongated and big than round and big


I’m longing to have those circle-y round eyes like those people who had plastic surgery  but of course I wouldnt want to resort to plastic surgery. My hubby doesnt like it when I wear circle lenses, he tells me I’m already beautiful without them and wearing them makes me so beautiful that it looked odd.
T_T I love my lenses though.
The lenses did make my face look softer though.

Comfort: These are not so comfortable compared to my nudy grays, even after removal of the lenses I felt something was still there.
Enlargement: Did enlargement without making me look alien-like. 
Color: This is very natural looking which can be used daily without people noticing. I have dark brown eyes and this blends in really well. I am not sure for those who have green or blue eyes though.
Score: 7/10

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