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The Blotting Film (or Paper)

Retouching is one thing I hate doing especially when days are uber busy. Upon retouching you have to bring the makeup you used first thing in the morning. Eyeshadow, foundation, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, liner, etc.

Now most people use pressed powder to keep their makeup looking fresh and preventing the oilies, but I abhor using them. Why? Because I hate packing more layers of makeup on my skin. It feels very clogging no? But we cannot control nature and our oils will definitely rise up from our pores after some time. For me it takes around 4 hours for oil to seep out.

The one thing that is always in my handbag are blotting films. Why? They absorb my oil and keep makeup in place. I usually blot 2-3 hours during the day to prevent my makeup from creasing and fading away.

Now the thing with blotting films is you blot. You dont wipe it all over your face like some people I see do, using the film like some face towel. Gently pat the film on oily spots and see the miracle happen.

It wont smudge your makeup if you use it properly.

I love blotting films so much because it doesnt force me to pack more powder on my face and keeps it fresh.


I’m not particular with brands but I find Finesse and Gatsby really good and cheap.


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