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Life Hack: Underarm Spray Deodorant as Foot Deodorant Spray

I’ll share with you this super simple and easy life hack. Don’t you hate body odor and sweat? Whether it comes from your back your pits or your foot. Whenever I workout at the gym, they usually have foot deodorant powder. But a few months ago, they were probably scrimping on budget and lo behold.  Goodbye foot powder! Eeek… what do I use on my feet to avoid sweat and odor then?


Unfortunately, this is not a paid advertorial from Nivea. It just so happens to be the default deodorant spray at my gym; Fitness First.


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Ta-da! I just spray the same deodorant I use on my underarms after I shower on my feet before I hit the gym.



Tada. My feet will stay dry and odor-free despite exercising! I hope you enjoyed this quick tip! 🙂


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