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Whisper Skin Love now in the Philippines!

We’re definitely feeling the love from Whisper Skin Love launching it’s most absorbent pad yet. It’s a fortunate coincidence that every time I have to write something about period, menstruation, or sanitary pads; I’m about to get mine. According to my favorite period calendar (TMI), I’m about to get my period in 4 days. So…. that’s why I just got off the phone from my boyfriend with this convo..
Me: Hey *voice cracking*
Him: You’re about to get your period I suppose
Me: *cracked and cried like a baby*
Him: Don’t worry, once it’s out you’d feel like you won the lottery
Me: *laughing and crying at the same time*  like the crazy lady we are once a month


“We believe every woman should be unstopabble, every day of the month. With Whisper Skin Love, we’re bringing Filipinas the best and most comfortable period experience so, even during the most uncomfortable days, they can feel free to do whatever and wear whatever they want. It’s so thin yet absorbant, you’ll forget you’re even on your period”, said Whisper Brand Manager, Jan Ang.



Alongside the launch of Whisper’s latest product is the unveling of their newest endorser – always on the move, actress-model Isabelle Daza, a star on the rise – juggling multiple projects, a jam-packed social calendar, and an active, athletic lifestyle – she embodies what it means to be truly unstoppable.
“Being in the limelight, we always want to look our best. But on red days, it’s hard to be at the top of my game.” Isabelle shared. “Regular pads make me feel so uncomfortable, being so heavy, bulky. I also worry about it being bakat. That’s why I’m so in love with the new Whisper Skin Love! It fees like my second skin.”


My Thoughts

Having tried the pad myself a month ago, I fell in love too! Here’s why:
  • Soft – With it’s japan-designed cushiony top sheet made of soft curly fibers, it’s gentle to skin. Yes. It’s the softest pad I ever felt.
  • Breathable – Most pads are hot and stuffy, Whisper has an air dry cushion topsheet that allows 2x more air flow that lets our skin breathe.
  • Thin yet Absorbent – This is my favorite Whisper Skin Love feature! It’s soooooooo thin yet it absorbs liquid deep down. Meaning, our menstruation doesn’t just lie around there floating on top (ewww that feels icky). It gets absorbed by the pad so our skin still feels dry and comfortable! It’s 1/3 the thickness of a regular pad yet can absorb 40x their own weight.



Wanna bet?



Ate in pink did a demo on how absorbent Whisper Skin Love is



The event was capped off with a luxurious coconut body scrub courtesy of Chi The Spa at Edsa Shangri-la that made me felt like a princess for a day


I’m stoked to have another supply of comfortable pads this time of the month. Wearing them would make me less cranky of a girlfriend. You can feel the love any time of the month with the new Whisper Skin Love Day pack of 8s (28cm) and All Night pack of 6s (31cm) in leading supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide for only Php 69 (SRP)
Share all your new period experience with the hashtags #WhisperSkinLove and #FeeltheLOVE. For more information, visit


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