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Top Destinations for Soul Searching

Top Destinations for Soul Searching

It’s not uncommon to go looking for adventure during the hard times in life. Whether you’re just getting out of a relationship, going through a stressful time at work, or are simply feeling a little lost, soul searching is a wonderful way to recover. The benefits of traveling are numerous. Not only does travel, gives you the chance to learn something new about a new destination, but it also gives you a chance to reflect, relax, delve into different cultures, and regenerate your energy.

Here is a list of the best destinations to go do some soul searching.

1.      Bali, Indonesia

This beautiful city, best known from the popular movie Eat, Pray, and Love, is a place everyone falls in love with. Bali offers a multitude of “soul remedies” that helps you better mind and get in touch with your inner-self. Whether it’s a Yoga retreat or a meditation sanctuary, Bali offers some of the best programs. People who go to Bali to do some soul searching will often say that the destination has changed their lives. Not only does it offer wonderful soul searching retreats, but Bali also gives you a chance to reconnect with nature with its wonderful sights and open-air marvels.

2.      Mount Kailash, Tibet

Mount Kailash in Tibet is said to be one of the best destinations for lost souls to find themselves. In fact, according to some religions, Mount Kailash is the most sacred place on earth. It is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in all of China, having four nearly symmetrical sides that create an eye-catching effect. There are five temples around the mountain which can be visited for clarity and peace. Additionally, many who have climbed to the mountain’s summit have deemed the experience life-changing.

3.      Taos, New Mexico

Although the small, New Mexican town of Taos is bustling, it offers a taste of indigenous, authentic, and rustic New Mexico. The mixtures of artistic characteristics in Taos are as different as the town itself, and are incredibly soothing to the soul. The town is brimming with independent shops, art galleries, rural eateries, as well as quiet cafes and comfy fireplaces, giving you plenty of places to do some soul searching.

As fancy as it may seem, Taos is completely unpretentious, presenting you with humble comfort. Furthermore, Taos offers lots of exciting activities for you to do, from hiking to hot air balloon rides, to visit to the beautiful Taos Pueblo. Being one of the oldest communities in North America, Taos continues to be an attraction to visitors year-round.

4.      Auckland, New Zealand

If what you’re looking for is the perfect fusion of bustling city life and quite beach or island enjoyment, then Auckland is the place for you. With exciting activities such as kayaking, skydiving, or swimming with dolphins, New Zealand will give you a chance to reach your limits of adventure. Additionally, you can visit less thrilling areas where you can simply enjoy nature. These include beautiful hiking trails, vineyards, volcanoes, a mountaintops with panoramic views of the city. Whether it’s through enjoying the beauty of nature or going for an adrenaline kick, going to Auckland, New Zealand is certainly a wonderful way to help you forget your woes.

5.      Bushwalking in Australia

The Australian Larapinta trail stretches for about 183 miles, and is one of the oldest mountain chains on the planet. The ancient landscape is known for being one of the best and most incredible hiking trails in the world. The trail takes several days to tread, but it offers incredible scenery. The desert setting boasts natural phenomena such as an oasis-like gorges, desert plains, and rocky quartzite ridge tops. Additionally, the trail’s plains are filled with rare, exotic plants which you can spot while hiking.

Temperatures in the Australia are easier to bear between May and August, since Australian summers bring extreme heat.  Nonetheless, no matter when you go, you’ll need to bring along sunglasses, a nice, wide hat, and lots of sunscreen to keep you protected from the sun’s rays. You might also want to pack a rain jacket and some warmer clothes because the nights can get wet and chilly.

Time to find yourself again

No matter where life takes you, sometimes things get a little too much to bear. Sometimes, you need a time away from your mundane life, where you have no responsibilities and nobody demands anything from you. When life gets hard, the best route to take sometimes is just taking some time off of yourself, to forget the troubles of the world and find yourself again. Traveling is one of the best ways to do a little bit of soul searching.

Traveling allows you a chance to delve into an unknown world and discover yourself again. It helps you go beyond your day-to-day life and be happy for a while Take a look at all the destinations mentioned above and find one that works best for you. Choose your destination, bookings flights online, and start your adventure. 





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