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Remove Makeup without Harsh Cleansers : AquaZorb Microfiber Towel

I have to rave about this product soooooo much!!!! I use this when Im so tired from work.. and too lazy to use an oil cleanser, or a cleanser.. or soap.. or even wash my face with water.

AquaZorb microfiber towels are made from… well haha just read what it says on the card board:

 Click image to enlarge
 I remove my makeup in 3 easy steps
  1. Wet my aqua zorb with warm water or any clean water 
  2. Wipe my face gently to remove makeup.. yes including waterproof mascara and eyeliner! 
  3. Wipe face dry
Yup, it removed my makeup.. all of it, including this revlon colorstay liquid foundation that I had to get 4 pumps of oil cleanser to remove, just with one swipey wipey with aquazorb
I get my stock of towels here for 100php for 3 pieces


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