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Lipcote Review – Seal Your Lipstick and Make them Last Longer

Have you ever wished your favorite lipcolor lasted longer than after a few minutes, or even after eating your favorite lunch without retouching. It is possible. You can give your lip color more staying power. Popular in the UK, Lipcote is well known to make your lipstick last and last. Can it really? Your resident kikay is here to test it for you and give HONEST feedback.


1. Apply lipcolor
2. Pat with tissue
3. Apply lipcolor
4. Apply lipcote generously.
5. Wait to dry.
It does sting while drying. It says it’s vanilla scented but it really has a strong alcohol scent. Because it’s active ingredient is alcohol. Reminds me of putting acetone on my lips. It does go away after a few minutes. Not for the faint of heart!


Yes it does. It can extend the life of your lipstick or it’s “staying power” by drawing up the moisture and leaving your lips with the pigment of your lipstick instead. You end up having dry lipcolor so this is a warning. You can put lipgloss on top to compensate for it.
I will continue to use it especially on special occasions like going out at night or when I know I won’t have time to retouch and worry about my lipstick.
I’m pouting. Oh it still stings a bit! Aw!
You can purchase LipCote at Khei Shoppe

KikaySiKat Rating 3/5 stars!


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