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My Lazada Shopping Experience


It’s not the first time that I shopped from Lazada. It’s my default mecca when it comes to urgent splurging because of how complete their on-line store is. From gadgets to beauty products, it’s like the super store of on-line shopping. Last November 11, they held their Lazada Online Revolution and I was lucky enough to have been provided an online shopping voucher to spend on. What can you buy with 1,500php?

2016-11-14 Online Shopping in Philippines at Great Prices!

With hundreds of sales, discounts, and contests, who can resist shopping in Lazada? Look! It’s even connected to the SM Store

Why I Like Shopping on Lazada

  • Most products if not all are cheaper than you can find in stores
  • They accept a variety of payment options: credit card, paypal, bank deposit and even cash on delivery!
  • Super speed shipping. They send the items you order as soon as they have it in stock.
  • Shopping made stress-free. No more rush hour woes! Everything you want, on-line.


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What Did I Buy Recently in Lazada?

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This week’s shopping spree was all about essentials! I got a few underwear sets from So-En, a really sturdy pink duffle bag from Le Organize, Sutla Virginity Soap (LOL), and my favorite Belo SunExpert Body Shield. As you can see on the photo above, I received the items separately as they ship the products as soon as they have it in their inventory. No additional shipping fees here! It’s almost Christmas and while everyone is going mall-crazy, why not relax and save more shopping in Lazada.

Lazada Shopping Tips

  1. There are same products offered by different distributors. Take time in browsing and filtering to make sure you get the best deal
  2. Read the reviews and give one in return. These feedback comes from real customers just like you. It will give you an insight if the product you’re getting is worth purchasing
  3. Wait for special sales. Similar to the 11 11 16 where some products go as low as 90% off!


2016-11-08 03.25.27 2

Thank you to Clozette and Lazada for letting me do a fuss-free spending! I loved everything I got!