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LOOK: J. Co’s Paradise Island Selection

Summer is still not over! (Yes kahit mag July na). If you miss the fresh, relaxing vibe at the beach, or in nature, the best way to reminisce your memories is through good food. Yup! Our favourite donut in town, J. Co recently released their limited edition Island Paradise Selection to take you back to memory lane.

Quench your thirst with the Iced Peach Smurf, a refreshing drink that bursts with tasty peach blended with butterfly pea flower tea extract which comes in UNO (Php140), DUE (Php155) and TRE Php170.

Best paired with the Lemon Breeze donut, get ready to bite into a soft, cream cheese goodness dipped in white chocolate and garnished to perfection with lemon drizzle.

 Guys… my usual order is Avocado Dicaprio.. but it looks like I’ll add Lemon Breeze to my list (J. Co if you’re reading this please make it permanent). The zesty citrus glaze perfectly balances the cream cheese and the soft sweet dough of thee donut. I can eat more than one swear XD

Create your very own summer story with J.Co!

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