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Luxxe White Glutathione – Update May 2016


I’ve been harsh to Luxxe White over the past few years and I think it finally deserves a chance for an honest to goodness review. Coming soon? Let me know who’s willing to provide me with a bottle or 2 to try!


I’m sorry to burst your bubble but I will never review Luxxe White because it is against my beliefs. I have a strong will against Pyramid, Networking, and similar niches. I will never advocate similar products or schemes or what I call scamming.
(You can go to my Glutathione Review page for actual reviews)

As much as I do not want to offend people who work in this area, most of them (not all) are acting in a cult-like manner, overselling their products, exaggerating on building rapport to customers, overall annoying. This is my opinion so take it like a grain of salt.

It’s also irritating how most of these sellers are blatantly advertising on my webpage, posting their links, contact numbers, and pretending to be “writing testimonials” to get sales.

Just one of the many.


Glutathione is glutathione. There is nothing special about any formulation. Nagkaka-talo lang kung hiyang kayo o hindi, and kung pure talaga yung laman. Walang magic sa glutathione.

Hindi din kayo puputi sa glutathione soap kasi the best way to take it is thru IV or internally. Topical application of glutathione was never proven to whiten skin.


I know Luxxe White isn’t the only product in the market sold by MLM or Networking people. I have nothing against people who work hard. Sige, magbenta kayo, trabaho nyo yun. Dun naman kayo kumikita. Ang ayoko lang is yung ibang seller na nanloloko ng tao para lang makabenta. Yung magiimbento ng “wow tignan nyo ko ang dami ko ng bahay at kotse”

You can never earn as much thru selling. You earn that amount by getting more members below your “line” Kaya nga pyramid, o sige hindi pyramid. Kasi madami ng nagimbento ng bagong terminology para makalusot. So paano ka magkakaron ng maraming downline?

Syempre gagalingan mo magsalita, mambola. Ganito, ganyan. Ganito kikitain mo, ganito kikitain natin. Yayaman ka!


Some will be successful, lalo na kung masipag ka and you’re talented with your tongue. Pero it’s contagious. Okay gawin kitang downline ko, damihan mo downline mo, turuan din kita mambola. Magbolahan tayo lahat ng tayo ay yumaman!

Kawawa ang nasa bottom-end ng food chain. Kung baka simot na. Wala ka ng makukuha kasi ikaw na yung nasa dulo. Pahirapan na kumita.

I only went to a seminar with my tita once, and know some friends who are in this. Again, this is just solely my opinion. Speaking my mind.

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