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What do You Think of Bag Checks and Inspections?

Ever since the bombings that happened in several malls like glorietta years back, there has been an implementation of tight security checks in mall where guards greet you with sticks instead of warm hellos.

Corporations soon followed with thorough bag inspections every time you want to enter their premises.

Some people find this annoying while some will think it’s for their own safety. I’m curious what is your stand on this? If you want to know what mine is, well I think if I really wanted to plant a bomb or bring a gun inside the mall, I’d rather pass it somewhere else and not by the main entrance. I would probably buy the ingredients inside the mall and prepare the bomb at the most convenient comfort room :p


Now why am I writing this? It’s a rant with RCBCs security inspection. I understand the bag check but to check it on 2 entrances and 2 different kinds?! That’s just too much! It’s like going to the airport Here’s their procedure:

1. Open your bag on the main entrance for checking
2. Close your bag for the 2nd check in your tower. Because it’s an Xray machine that checks. But wait there’s more! There are around 8 security guards to assist in the process making the are crowded!

Imagine, you open your bag, and then close it and then open and then close it. It probably sucks for people who have to go through with this more than once a day.

Okay I’m done ranting!  I’d love to hear what you think.

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