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Flash Review: Rosy Glow Lightening Soap

The number 1 product that we usually finish off first is a bar of soap. And with each bar that I use til the last sud, I never almost purchase the same brand consecutively. I always see to it that I try whatever is new that catches my eye. This time, it’s Rosy Glow Whitening Soap (Price: 99php, @rosyglow.dvo)




Active Ingredients

Kojic Acid – Skin lightening agent best known in Japan. It is able to prevent skin pigmentation, which can help brighten the complexion to give you a perfect glow.

AHA Glycolic and lactic acid. Korea’s most popular skin exfoliating agent. This active ingredient fights the signs of aging as they work to exfoliate dead skin and let shiny new skin come through.

Alpha Arbutin – Skin lightening ingredient famous in Thailand. It is one of the most advance active ingredient that is proven to work on all skin types. 



I prefer using the term brightening instead of lightening when it comes to “whitening soap reviews” because most products don’t literally bleach our skin to shades fairer. Rather cleanse off dull, dark, dry cells to reveal fresher, brighter, skin. Or sometimes, change the production of melanin. The pigment that determines our complexion.

Now lightening products usually peel and exfoliate, and I know, you know most of the time it stings! Rosy Glow doesn’t. It has a light, milky, lather that feels good to apply. With a mild sweet scent that isn’t overpowering.

In terms of skin lightening, I finished a bar of soap and did not notice any significant difference on my skin-tone. But my skin felt softer and smoother to touch. No dry squeaky feeling after rinsing, pero no slimy feel na parang hindi ka nagbanlaw (do you know which brand I’m talking about? hehe)

Not my favorite, but one of the better ones. Have you tried Rosy Glow? How did it work for you?








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