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[MAKEUP] Chanel Narcisse Joues Contraste : Review and Swatches

It’s the Chanel Joues Contraste in Narcisse. A blush that will give you oh so slightly fresh pink color that will make your dull skin appear healthy and blooming. I almost forgot about this blusher when I also fell in love with Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick. But alas, I cannot use a super shimmery rouge during office and daytime. So I remembered my beloved Narcisse.

It just glows with flash 🙂

It’s not warm, it’s not cool. I can say it’s definitely a neutral pink that will match cool warm or neutral tones. I’m just not so super sure if it would show up on our gorgeous morenas (tans) since the pigmentation is quite light. Even when applied with a heavy hand it still looks natural.

In this photo I put on 5 layers already on my cheeks just for it to show up. It comes with a very soft and useable mini brush.


Trivia: Chanel blushes actually come from either US or EURO. US have softer and finely milled blushes and the brush stiffer. EURO are baked so they are harder to crumble and have more glow than US. But both are so good.

What I love about Chanel blushes is the quality of their products is consistent. There is no bad apple in their collection and lasts fairly long on my cheeks considering Philippines is a humid country and I love to rub my face when I get stressed at work hehehe.. It lasts 6 hours with no retouching.

Oh don’t we all love  natural sunlight 🙂

I actually regret selling of my other JC which was Candy, a gorgeous orange blush. I might get another one if given the chance. Oh and another thing, Narcisse is a limited color and I think not readily available in Philippine market. (except Duty Free) and this is best paired with Rouge Allure in Insolente (bright pink)

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I have this mindset in, when you find a product that works for you. You may stray around, but you always, always go back to what works. Just like this JC.. It’s the blush whenever I want to look young, fresh, happy! What do you think?

Lemme hear your thoughts! What makes you feel young and happy?


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