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Manic Panic Electric Amethyst Review

My favorite funky hair color is Purple. I used to have purple highlights on my hair but decided to go on the safer side as an purple ombre because let’s admit it. I’m not getting any younger. My favorite Manic Panic color of all time is Purple Haze. It’s dark, long lasting, and isn’t screaming “HEY LOOK AT ME MY HAIR IS PURPLE” It’s a hush.. . people will take a second look and wonder what’s different only taking 30 seconds more to realize the ends of your hair is purple. BUT… it was out of stock. As an alternative, I took a wild decision and got Electric Amethyst.

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This is Day 1
On the website, it says it’s an electric pastel purple. On my super bleached hair (it’s on level 10, done on Vivere Salon) it applies ashy pastel purple. It’s gorgeous to be honest. It’s the gray goals I’ve always wanted but the con? It lasts for 3 freaking days. And I don’t even wash my hair! As in I didn’t wash my hair for 3 days and after washing… poof..

This is Day 2

This is Day 3
Farewell purple.
Waste of money. One of the worst of Manic Panic’s line of hair color. Did I get
a bad batch? 3 days and it’s gone?! Purple Haze lasts on me for 2 weeks before
fading. Alas.. Looks like I’m going back to my original love, or I’ll try a
different brand. I heard Pravana is good. I tried their platinum hair color
before and it’s quite strong.
What hair color do
you dream of having?

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