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Maybelline Long Extreme Lash Stiletto Mascara Review


Oohh.. lots of hand marks on the product
Price: 499php
Where to Buy: Almost any department store, drugstore, grocery that has Maybelline

Had to give in.. will provide bigger and more detailed photos to everyone. Thanks Julia of Bless my Bag for the tip.

This is currently the mascara Ive been using everyday. It holds the curl, it lengthens, and it defines my lashes. Removing is a breeze with any makeup remover and it lasts the whole day too on me with minimal panda eyes. Next is a photo my lashes wearing the mascara. As you can see, theyre still thin and flimsy, and the effect is very natural.

Sorry forgot to pluck!


What I Like:
  • It looks natural on the lashes, it makes you look like you have natural long lashes
  • Holds up the curl
  • Minimal smudging after around 8 hours with some eye rubbin action
  • Inexpensive

  What I Dont Like:

  • It flakes a bit, especially the tiny fibers
  • With flimsy lashes like mine, on occasions I would prefer something more dramatic
  • Dries up quickly, had it for a month and its starting to show the creamy smudgy dryness that means its about to expire

Who would I recommend this to?
Anyone who wants an everyday mascara. If you already have long lashes, maybe you want something that will provide you more volume instead. I highly recommend Maybelline’s Cat’s Eye or Volum Express.


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