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Maymay Entrata Shares her Skincare Routine and Favorite Products

It’s no surprise that Maymay Entrata is getting endorsements from left and right. Since winning Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7, she’s been cast in teleseryes, released her debut album, and gaining loyal fans throughout her blossoming career. Her latest endorsement as of late is with Megan Beauty Products. In her interview, she also spilled her simple skincare routine which I’ll share below. Enjoy!


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Megan by Lifestrong

Megan Beauty Products aim to bring out the best version of yourself. A quality product of LifeStrong Marketing, Inc., Megan, is a brand that offers affordable and convenient products, without sacrificing the real essence of beauty.


Maymay for Megan

Maymay epitomises what Megan Beauty Products claim to be. Beautiful yet accessible. She’s one of the most down to earth celebrities who’ll still give her fans smiles and greetings despite her busy and tiring schedule.


Maymay’s Skincare Routine


Um.. ayun nga, pagkagising ng umaga.. CR.. AHAHAHAHA… joke lang.. bale facial wash.. tapos minsan toner.. moisturiser.. tapos minsan serum. Sunblock nga pala! Kaso ubos na kailangan ko pa bumile hehehe.. Tapos Megan masks mga once or twice a week. Effective sya pang tanggal ng tsismis sa mukha!” – Maymay, interview.

  • Facial Wash
  • Toner
  • Moisturiser
  • Sunblock
  • Serum (occasionally)
  • Megan Peel-Off Face Masks (1-2x a week)


Like Maymay, I can attest to Megan Beauty’s Peel-off masks especially the charcoal version since it’s effective in pulling out my blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities from my face.  Syempre the event is not complete without some photo sesh with my #BloggerBabes 🙂



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