Megan Charcoal Clay Mask
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Megan Charcoal Clay Mask
Megan Charcoal Clay Mask

Date check! It’s the 4th of January (while writing this) and I’m still on vacay mode just like everyone else. How do you come back to working regularly? Write (or do) something you’re passionate about! That’s why today, we’ll be reviewing MEGAN Charcoal Peel-Off Clay Mask because I’m passionate about removing blackheads. LOL


  • Price: 99 PHP for a tube, 25 PHP for a sachet
  • Where to buy? Watsons, Mercury Drug, SM Beauty, 711


It’s true! That rough feel when you touch your nose. The satisfaction when you squeeze em off one by one. But picking off acne, blackheads, and whiteheads is not good for our skin. That’s why it’s best if we have a pro do it, or do it ourselves by the use of peel-off masks such as this one from MEGAN Beauty (also endorsed by the gorgeous Maymay Entrata)





Product Description

Megan Charcoal Clay Mask
Megan Charcoal Clay Mask

Helps remove impurities and lighten skin, leaving your skin looking fresh and glowing.

 How I Use It

  • DO NOT PUT ON YOUR ENTIRE FACE. THIS PRODUCT STICKS AND PEELING OFF IS A PAIN IN THE ARSE. I also heard of stories of ladies getting their brows peeled off so be careful
  • Put generously on problem area and leave on for 1 hour to make sure it’s dry
  • Peel from the outwards going in to the center


Megan Charcoal Clay Mask Review

Megan Charcoal Clay Mask

I prefer using clay masks vs the paper version that you wet and stick to your nose because:

  1. It’s easier to use
  2. The paper version like the one from Biore is prone to air bubbling. Resulting in a less successful harvesting of impurities (I got the word harvesting from one of my readers hehe)

Almost all peel off masks have the same ingredient list, and only the formulation is different. 

Polyvinyl alcohol, also known as PVOH, PVA, or PVAL, is a synthetic polymer that is soluble in water. It is effective in film forming, emulsifying, and has an adhesive quality. It has no odor and is not toxic, and is resistant to grease, 

Are you familiar with PVA glue? Yes they use the same ingredient. But of course don’t use glue on your face.

I like that this sticks and adheres better than other peel-off masks. The consequence though is it is a bit painful to remove and it does take off your baby hair along with it. PERFECT! It can double as a mustache remover! 

I can’t stop and won’t stop using peel-off masks. So if you’re looking for a good one? I highly recommend this Charcoal Mask from Megan Beauty.

*The cucumber, gold, and other variants don’t extract as much

Megan Charcoal Clay Mask
Megan Charcoal Clay Mask


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