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Message for my Readers.. Working Mom Magazine Feature: During my Darkest Days.. God is good

2012 welcomed me with a different kind of bang.  A not so good one. To those who know me personally, you know the sad story but I’ll guess I can share it with you.

Hubby left us for another woman in Singapore. The girl knew he had a family, but she still pursued him. There was even a time I was so pathetic to fix things that I met her in person and begged her to leave my husband alone and that she should stop destroying our family. I can even post her name here..I have a lot of readers..  but I would not stoop down to her level.

But thank God for giving me strength and providing me a loving family to help me through those days. One of the blessings He gave me was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for my followers and readers who continues to support my blog amidst the hiatus..

It was the 2nd week of January and I was in the middle of still trying to fix things for the sake of my son. But alas  the devil has a stronghold on that person and I am just human. I’m leaving God to do the work now. Letting go and letting God. The editor-in-chief of Working Mom magazine (Ms. Dedet) asked if they can do a feature about me. I was in Singapore then, but I agreed, since I was going home the following week.

Viviere Salon fixed me up, gave me the makeover that a struggling woman who wants to move on needs. The photographer was even challenged to make me smile. Thanks to their efforts, the output was amazing! Thank you to Ms. Rhia for that wonderful feature and write-up.


Please grab Working Mom Magazine’s April Issue 🙂

*hugs* to everyone! If ever you are in pain, sadness, or trouble.. pray.. God answers.. it may not be today.. but wait for his perfect time.

Love lots,

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