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Tech Thursdays: Digital Drugs: Binaural Beats. Do They Work?

What are Binaural Beats?
Music. Sounds. Different tones that we hear in our ears give us different effects. Love songs make us sentimental, Club music makes us feel like we’re on the runway even if we’re just walking along the road. But while browsing around android apps for relaxing music, I got curious with some of the apps it was displaying. Binaural Sounds. Brain Waves. Sounds like a weird science experiment right? But some people are actually using and producing this to create drug substitute. That instead of ingesting chemicals in our body, the binaural waves would actually make our brains and body  produce the chemicals that we want, depending on our need.

Need something to perk you up? Want to go to sleep? Want more melatonin? (Sleep hormones) How about happy hormones? There are even scarier binaural sounds that induces LSD (psychadelic drugs) and Drunkeness.

Have you tried it?
I just did today, in the train. I selected “brain improvement, energize, caffeine boost” and yes it wasnt the power of suggestion, because a few min. after listening to the music. Instead of perking up, I fell asleep!!!!!

Here’s an example

This video and binaural beats is supposed to induce Lucid Dreaming or state of being aware while asleep. I’ll try this one later before I go to bed and see if it’s real :p Give it a try yourself too!

Do tell me what you think! Have you ever heard of these already? Tried it? Does it work for you?

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