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Pink Belter – Quality and Affordable Swimwear – Proudly Pinoy!

liz multiway bikini 500


Vibrant and stylish swimwear brand, Pink Belter, was first launched in the summer of 2004. Its owner, Lizle Hilario, was fresh out of job, being employee population that was retrenched during that time. This did not stop her from pressing forward as this season became a springboard for her to move towards her dream to launch her own brand. Pink Belter first came out as a supplier of belts, she fondly branded as “Hipsies.” Before she knew  it, tiangge owners in Glorietta and Greenhills bought from Pink Belter on wholesale basis and the rest, as they say, is history.

Trivia: Even before Pink Belter approached me to try their swimwear, I actually own a couple of their bikinis I bought back in 2008!

pink belter logo

nadine keyhole maillot 980

Nadine Keyhole Mailot – 950php

Fast forward to 12 years since Pink Belter was launched, the brand has been a go to name when it comes to swimwear. Followers and loyal Pink Belter patrons have constantly come back to check out their new collection. Pink Belter uses no less than the best fabric in swimwear, nylon spandex. Spandex was developed back in 1959 by DuPont scientist Joseph Shivers after a decade of research.

jamela boyleg 650

Jamela Boyleg – 650php

The material is made up of rubbery segment for stretch and recovery on a long-chain synthetic polymeric fiber. The integrity of the material can withstand stretches and is proven to be durable. Nylon spandex has become the default fabric for swimwear, workout clothes and other athletic uniforms.


fei maillot 750

Fei Maillot – 750php


elisse maillot 980

Elisse Maillot – 980php

Pink Belter makes sure to keep its collection up to date with its wide range of swimwear styles for its valued customers. Pink Belter is also known for its rompers, kimonos, cover ups and lady board shorts.


nadine keyhole maillot 980

cheska monokini 850

Cheska Monokini (my personal fave) – 850php


Pink Belter stores are located at: Exhibit Area, Greenhills Shopping Center, Slimmetry 2/F Fashion Village at Tiendesitas and The Good Find, 2/F Cash & Carry Mall in Makati City. Feel free to contact Pink Belter for wholesale and customized orders, Mobile/Viber: 0999.9984377 or 0917.5327890. Like Pink Belter on Facebook for promos, giveaways and updates.

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