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Review: Jin-Zai Takoyaki


Before I critique a restuarant or any food place, I usually need to visit the place more than 3 times. That’s to ensure if the food, service, and quality is consistent. Jin-Zai Takoyaki is no exception. They say a good authentic takoyaki must have the following characteristics:

  • It should have octopus cabbage, pickled ginger, stock, and quality takoyaki flour. Don’t forget the octopus
  • The takoyaki should be crispy-chewy on the outside, and soft custard-like on the inside
  • Last but not the least, it should be addictively delicious!


 This  was legit the first time that I tried a good takoyaki. Most takoyaki sold in malls taste generic, lack flavor, and just plain bland. The only thing that makes it delicious was the bonito flakes that looksl ike they’re still alive on top of the ball. I tried Jin-Zai Takoyaki when they first opened their branch in SM City Lipa. The line was extensively long and when I got my turn, most takoyaki variant are already out of stock of you have to wait 20-30 minutes to get yours.

Patience is indeed a virtue because when I got mine (I ordered the regular balls 6 pcs for 79php, geez that’s cheap). It was one of the most satisfying moments of savoring food in my life. It was absolutely deliciousThey also serve fruit teas and milk teas but it’s not exceptional.

Ambiance – The place is small with like 3 tables inside, 4 tables inside that can be occupied by at least 30 people max

Taste – WONDERFUL. This is my opinion okay but for 6 pcs of takoyaki for 79php, it’s the best you can get! It’s crispy on the outside and the inside melts in your mouth. You can taste the octopus, ginger, and creamy takoyaki flour make music inside your tastebuds.

Service – They have a lot of staff, they work fast, but it’s not enough with the number of people pouring in. Come a few months later maybe the hype will die down and they’ll have a stable number of customers but not as overwhelming.

Price – The most expensive is their shrimp and big octopus takoyaki that will cost you 160php for 3 large pieces. The most affordable is 49php for 3 regular balls

Location – I think they have other branches in Metro Manila but boy I’m glad they have one in SM Lipa








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