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La Creperie Crepes – Food Review

Hmm.. salted caramel… sounds good right? And the way they described it in the menu is that it is their “special” sauce that only “they” have. But to tell you bluntly, it is nothing special, they put tiny stripes of sauce on the crepe that I could barely taste it. It’s nothing special nor unique because you can get exactly the same sauce (even better tasting) at Starbucks, with their caramel waffle (Mmmm.. makes me crave for one but I’m on the Duket Diet).

Their waffle is topped with a small amount of whipped cream and the crepe base they use has a weird aftertaste, Mcdonald’s pancake batter is better than this.


I’m not sure if it’s just because I was spoiled with how delicious crepes are at Cafe Breton so I keep on getting disappointed with crepes from other cafes. I really suggest you go have your crepes there. Where the sauce is slathered and the filling is generous

La Creperie Menu


Trivia: Crepe is pronounced (Krep) in French and (Kreyp) in America.

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