LEADERS Insolution Age Defying Treatment Mask

What? LEADERS Insolution Age-Defying Face Mask
Where to buy? LEADERS Insolution stores at leading department stores nationwide. I got mine at Lucky China Town Mall
How much? 150php-250php
A friend was asking how come Koreans have flawless skin. I told her, it could probably a combination of good genes, clean air, cold climate, and extensive skincare. Why extensive? Did you know that most Koreans have more than 15 steps in their skincare routine? *gush* Ako nga on regular days I’m fine with facial wash and sunblock hahaha! Maybe an ocassional mask would give additional benefits? I was sent a few LEADERS Insolution Masks to try, and I found the perfect time to put a mask on my face.
At work. 


While working.

Para relax diba? 😛
Bwahahaha.. Mask time (buti walang tao sa likod ko)
 LEADERS Insolution Age-Defying Treatment Mask claims it can enhance elasticity, boost collagen, and repair fine lines. 
 Most of the active ingredients on the list are natural and herbal. I can see a lot of plant extracts and hydrolized collagen as the main ingredient. There’s chamomile extract to to relax the skin.
I left it on one hour. I let it soak on my face for 1 hour.

What I Like About LEADERS Insolution Age Defying Treatment Mask

  • It’s soaking wet with solution. This only means more product to sink in our skin. 
  • It fits the typical filipina face (like mine) some masks kasi I find it too big
  • It gave me a wonderful radiance after usage.
  • Ingredients are mostly natural-sourced. No synthetic chemicals.
  • The solution is cool and refreshing. It really gave me a quick boost of relaxation upon application.
  • My skin was prepped like a baby’s bum because it felt so smooth. This is pefrect to use as a pre-makeup step.

Final Thoughts

To be able to see the full effects of any skincare, one must use it consistently. I’m tamad when it comes to these things so an ocassional use of mask may not show me the results it is claiming but there’s also immediate effects like the glow and my skin felt really soft afterwards. Working in an airconditioned environment will make your skin suffer from dryness so this is an excellent relief.
Wow. Quick review daw o? LOL 🙂

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