Mrs Fields Cafe (SM Makati) – More Than Just Cookies :)

Mrs Fields cookies always has a significant place in my memory. During my early childhood, I can remember my favorite aunt bringing home to me a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, all warm for dessert.  I work near SM Makati so when they invited me to drop by and try their treats who am I to refuse? 🙂 But hey, when I arrived at their SM Makati Cafe, I’m surprised that it’s now more than just a cookie store. They also serve soups and sandwhiches na din. (perfect for meetings) When it comes to cookies, I want them chewy, warm, not to sweet, and has a bit of saltiness to it. What’s yours?
 Here’s my experience dining in Mrs Fields Cafe:


Eat all the dessert! Wow plates filled with delicious cookies and I’m just alone to eat them all.
My favorite platter of their Sweet and Savoury cookies. The bacon with pesto is the bomb! Reminds me to purchase a box today. It’s that yummy!

Mini cookies and brownies that are great to snack on when inside the cinema or just watching TV
Their supper yummy Indulgent Creations. You should try the Reese Peanutbutter cups! You can taste the creamy and nutty flavor of Reese in every bite. 
Take your pick. Kisses? Herhey’s? Reese’s?
They serve sandwich meals na din! This one is roast beef! So siksik with meat

Their sandwich meals includes a drink, a cookie, and potato chips. I think the chips are Lays? It has a generous serving mind you.
Thanks for having me over Mrs Fields! Thanks for the cute bear too!

Final Thoughts

Hay too bad I came her all by myself. It’s better to go herAll in all, Mrs Fields Cafe is a comfy choice if you’re looking for a place to chill and hangout if you’re in SM Makati. They serve good food and the ambiance is relaxing naman. They also have free wi-fi if you need to work too. 
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Take care beautiful person. Come again soon! – Kaycee


  • nixiquita

    nagtry ako noon collagen, naging super oily ako. i already oily skin to begin with. tas napansin ko um-oa oiliness ng skin ko. took if for a few wks lang. my skin was softer though. brand was youtheory

  • nixiquita

    looks interesting 🙂 im using tfs auto eyebrow pencil din right now, ganyan din may spoolie and yung twist type na may angled tip din 🙂

  • Mrs M

    I would like to ask po kung ano mas better if meiji collagen powder or shiseido collagen tablets? And if it's okay to take it with shiseido pure white w?

  • Isabelle

    Hi Kaycee! Which among the collagen brands is the best among the ones you have tried? I want to buy for my Mom kasi. And for me naman, what's the better gluta brand between Landelution and MET? can't decide between the two eh. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks :))

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