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My Althea Wishlist this 2018


Even before I was tagged as an Althea Angel ambassador, I was already a frequent shopper at Althea Korea. It’s literally the BEST place to shop for all your k-beauty needs. Recently they also started expanding their homegrown line with their bubble peel and my current fave Petal Sunaway Sunscreen

Before this year ends, I’m going to curate my current top 10 favorites in Althea Korea!


My Althea Wishlist this 2018


I first heard of this brand c/o my blogger friend Rowena of She has nothing but RAVES for this product because apparently this is the one that helped conceal her post-derma treatment scarring and redness. Looks natural and lasts a long time. It’s a bit on the pricey end so it’s definitely part of my wish list!

#2 Althea Petal Sunaway (480php)

althea korea petal velvet sunaway sunscreen spf 50 PA+++++

I mentioned earlier that this is one of my staple sunscreen in my bag. It’s smooth, silky, and so comfortable to apply. I spread it on my face and even my body. If you want to find out more details why I love this so much, go and read my full review also on this blog.

#3 COSRX Advance Snail 92 All in One Cream (1,035php)

A couple of years ago, someone sent me the CosRX Advance Snail 92 All in One Cream as a gift. With so much skincare products that I own, I regrettably gave this one away. Not knowing how good it was after reading reviews from fellow beauty bloggers. 

They say it’s one of the best moisturizers they’ve tried. It soothes and repairs skin effectively now I’m itching to own a jar!

#4 Dear Klairs Soft UV Airy Essence (1,200php)

Yes it’s another sunscreen. I won’t stop. I can’t stop. Sunblocks are my #1 reason for youthful skin. My face loves soaking it all up. Next on my wishlist is Dear Klairs Soft UV Airy Essence. I attended a k-beauty seminar recently, and the instructor told us that this product can be layered over makeup.

So it’s supposedly the sunscreen to use if you want to retouch!

#5 The SAEM Cover Perfection Concealer (200php)

Heard from the grapevine this is the dupe to the more expensive, high-end concealer from NARS Cosmetics. But this one only costs 200php. Such a steal right? 

  • High coverage
  • Long lasting
  • Natural
  • Easy to blend

UGH I’M DEFINITELY PUTTING THIS IN MY SHOPPING CART! For my skintone I’m getting rich beige.

#6 Missha 4D Mascara (170php)

Ah, the perfect everyday mascara. I actually owned a tube this year and ran out recently. It holds the curl, wet, sweat, and oil resistant. Black as black and most of all, gentle on the eyes!

#7 Etude House Kitty Headband (190php)

You might find it silly. But I’m lemming for another kitty headband. I’m wearing one right now. It’s perfect to keep hair away from my face especially at night time when I’m doing my skincare routine.

#8 9COMPLEX ESSENCE (650php)

Horse oil? I’m intrigued. I definitely want to review something like this on my blog or even on my channel. Here’s what its description says:

Concocted with 9 different herbal extracts as well as galactomyces, ceramide and betaine, this rich concentrate rejuvenates the skin from within to improve its texture and appearance while making sure that the oil-to-moisture balance of the skin is kept levelled. Formulated with those with sensitive skins in mind, this product soothes irritations and is gentle on the skin, making it great for all skin types to enjoy.

Galactomytes are the “IT” ingredient of the season and I want to try it myself.

#9  Masil DUAL TINT BLEACH POWDER (130php)

For 2019 I want to don a new hair color. I miss my blue & pink strands. I might go DIY and order this MASIL dual tint bleach powder because it’s cheap and looks easy to use.

#10 CP-1 Raspberry Vinegar (350php)

A few years ago I wrote a review on using raspberry vinegar for the hair. Not only does it smell good, but it deep cleanses and leaves your hair with a beautiful shine. 

They say the trend this 2019 is no longer glass skin but glass hair. And this is the perfect product to achieve such.



Honestly speaking I don’t have enough money to buy everything on my wish list. But a girl can always dream eh? I’ll probably get 2-3 from here and review it on my blog/KikaysikaTV so stay tuned!

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