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My Dolby Atmos Experience at Greenhills Promenade

John Castle and I were invited to a special screening of “Edge of Tomorrow” starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt (Oh boy she looked smoking in this movie and can you believe she was pregnant during filming?) at the latest theaters in Greenhills Promenade which is the special Dolby Atmos theater.

Now what the heck is a Dolby Atmos theater? From the latest innovation of Dolby Technologies, it’s a cinema which has the capacity of super surround sound because it has 60 built in speakers and let’s the sound move along the movie. The theater in Promenade feels more premier than regular cinemas you can get from other malls let’s say for example, SM Cinemas or Robinson’s.

Greenhills is also known for having a wide array of restaurants so foodies can have yummy meals after their movie!

With a limited number of seats available. You’re ensured a stress-free movie viewing experience.

It’s challenging enough to describe the experience of sound thru words but I’ll do the best that I can. Experiencing a movie in a Dolby Atmos Cinema enables you, the viewer to immerse yourself within the movie. A gunshot at the left, you hear it at your left. A helicopter hovering over their head, yes you will hear a helicopter hovering your head.

Now, a better way to experience a movie is probably a combination of 4d + Dolby Atmos. Now that’s something!

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