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KB Whitening Body Lotion Review

How are you doing friends? I was wondering if we can come up with a group name for us kikays that love trying out new things. The past few days has been both tiring and rewarding. I finally replaced my broken Xperia ZR with something sturdier. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. It may not be the latest in their brand’s list of phones but it’s enough for clumsy folks who may occasionally drop theirs in unwanted places *ehem*floor*pool*rain*mud* Hooray! New phone means I get to be more enthusiastic in blogging! Haha.. You do understand how much of a hassle it is to transfer photos from a digicam->pc then do some edits. When you have a smart phone you can do ANYTHING there and just sync it. Making blogging a breeze!
Well, enough of the personal chit-chats and let’s head on to reviewing another whitening product. The good folks of Kyosoku Bihaku sent me a couple of items for review. Their “Glutathione Activator + NAC” and their Premium Whitening Body Lotion. Ooh I’m also starting out rating products/food/clothes from 1 star to 5 stars. Just to give you, my dearest readers an idea on how much worth you’re getting 🙂
Perks of being a guinea pig. An individual review on their supplement up next!



Looking at their ingredients list, the one I can notice is the amount of natural extracts and berries they included. I guess berries are there to provide your skin the vitamins but one thing I liked the most is the Lactobacillus/Soybean ferment Extract. This is the same ingredient used in SK-II lotions just like how I mentioned it last time with my Placenta Soap Review. The ferment extract is what makes the skin rejuvenate faster, making it plump, tighter, and look noticeable younger. They threw in some rosemary and green tea to. BUT I did not notice an ingredient here that can whiten skin like Arbutin or Niacinamide. The only whitening ingredient in the list is the Licorice root extract.




Hygienically sealed


I love the fact that it’s sealed and in tube form. Makes it less of a hassle when travelling.


It smells like a floral korean BB cream with a texture of a thick moisturizer. Contrary to it’s promise on the label, it is not sticky. However, its thick texture make it difficult to spread on to your skin especially on big areas like the arms and legs (hey, that’s your body!)

EFFECT on Skin Whitening

For skin whitening be really visible and take effect, you must use a product consistently for at least a month. It kept my legs look sheen and radiant but I’m not fond of using it as much because of it’s really thick texture that makes it hard to spread. I prefer liquid texture for body lotions. Koreans make good skincare since they’re literally obsessed with beauty and skin perfection so this is another of their quality product. It’s made in Korea and distributed by Yumei-Ise for KB.



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