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My Embarassing Event Experience at Sanggobion #GoLoveLife Make-Over Day

I usually go alone when going to events but one fine Saturday, there was no choice but to bring my sweetheart baby with me because I promised him to go to the mall and buy him play-doh PLUS his grandpa is sick in the hospital and there’s no one to take care of him.

I asked him if he wants to take the cab going to Crowne Plaza but he said “No mommy I want to take the train!” Long-cut it is my son!

The event we’re going to attend is Sanggobions #GoLoveLife make-over day where lucky women gets to have primped and pampered courtesy of Shu Uemura and Blo Dry Bar. As much as I would love to experience the make-over myself, I’d rather stay with Geof and play with him while we wait for the program to start.













We arrived on time but the program started more than 1 hour late, you know how kids have short patience and attention span right? My son being a nice kid that he is whispered “Mom can we go now?” As much as I would loved to stay, he is my priority as a mom. As the tag line goes, “Go Love Life”, Geof is the love of my life and his needs comes first!
So I told him “Okay let’s go quietly…”
then while walking out, he got so excited and shouted “Yey, we’re going to the mall now! Finally!”
Gosh! Everyone became quiet and looked at us, I just had to shook down and walk as fast as we can! Hahaha!


Thanks for the fun event Sanggobion! My son enjoyed the sweet treats <3

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