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My Exclusive and Personal Hair Design Session with L’Oreal

When was the last time you cut your hair? Whenever I walk through the streets I always notice that most Filipinas wear their hair long, with side swept bangs. How experimental are you when it comes to color?
I just had a haircut and haircolor (both DIY) a couple of weeks ago when I received an invite from L’Oreal to an exclusive hair styling session with their guest artist David Mercer. I thought, hey I don’t care if he shaves my hair off I trust he’ll style my hair good! It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to have your hair styled by someone BIG.

The Artist

So who is David Mercer? He’s currently the international director of Tony & Guy Malaysia with 35 years of hairdressing experience.

He briefed us about the current trend in hair styling and how we should pick our styles and color. It’s all about natural waves, messy chic, and wearable easy to maintain hair color.

The Models

David and his team used Majirel Hair Color for all the models and designed their hair to suit the modern trend. I already tried Majirel hair color last November 2013 when I was treated also by L’Oreal Professionel at Tony and Jackey for the Wear Your Color Proud session. I loved how it enhanced my skin tone and didn’t look unnatural or shocking. Majirel didn’t feel like it dried or damaged my hair too! My hair retained its softness.
Here’s more information on Majirel. Yes I #TrustOnlyMajirel from now on!

was 1978 when Majirel, a classic in the making by L’Oréal Professionnel, was
born. Launched exclusively in Western Germany then to the rest of world, this
legendary hair coloring crème began its incredible journey. Thirty five years
later, Majirel continues to go strong with superiority and technological
innovations which shaped the professional hair coloring market through the years.




In 2004, L’Oréal Professionnel invents the 1st
color plus care service Incell Technology and Ionene-G. Incell™
technology, a ceramide that mimics the natural ceramide in the hair immediately
attaches to the hair’s inner cuticle to strengthen its natural cohesion. As a
result, the hair’s structure is reinforced for long-lasting results after the
color service. Together with Majirel’s exclusive conditioning polymer, Ionène
G, the entire hair fiber is now treated from the core to the surface. The power
of these two innovations make hair stronger and keep color lasting longer,
resulting in superior conditioning and brilliant shine.




Majirel has always been synonymous with the
most beautiful, the most sophisticated, the most stylish, the richest, the most
reliable and the most effective colours. With 194 shades globally and growing,
thousands of color possibilities can be achieved for a tailor-made color result
to fulfill all the modern women’s hair coloring needs.




Majirel’s smoother and creamier formula makes
it easy to mix, with predictable applications, yielding precise mistake proof
results. It creates uniform color result which is ultra-precise, durable and
reliable which cover up to 100% of grey hair, guaranteed for all hair types.
The packaging of Majirel has also been modernized and hair color had a fresh
new fragrance.


The Blogger Experience

I came in prepared. For real! I didn’t care what they would do to my hair. Shave my hair, cut it, make it blonde, turn it pink, whatever. I trust them too much, is that a bad thing? I didn’t mind that David wasn’t the actual person who styled my hair but his assistant.
He looked at my hair and noticed that my hair was thinned too much with layers and he plans to thicken and volumizing it by cutting it shorter. Way shorter. Like 3 inches off.  I said “Okay sure do whatever you like!” I think stylists work better if you tell them that. You let them feel that you respect them and their judgement on what looks good on you. Stylists are artists in their own craft. If painters use canvass, programmers have their SDEs, writers have their paper; Stylists uses our hair as their canvass. They cut and color it to create something amazing.
Do I look confused here? :p
I really think I look fierce in this photo. Wearing L’oreal Paris Barely Coral


Smiling but okay, I admit I’m a bit nervous
Snip. Snip. Snip.

After the cut, my hair color team went off and decided to tone and brighten my current color since they noticed it already looks good on me, but kick it up a notch and make it edgier by placing highlights on the right spots. They used Majirel of course!


Do you think short hair is sexy?

What do you think? I’m lovin my new cut and color, it made me feel edgier. But being the kikay that I am, I’m planning to grow this out, and experiment with a new color end of this year. I’m leaning towards somewhere more wine red.. I #TrustOnlyMajirel ! So I’d be coming back to L’Oreal for sure! I loved my new style so much I’m hesitant to go anywhere else

By the way if you’re planning to maintain your colored hair for a longer period of time and keeping the color the same longer, why don’t you try their Pureology Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner. Buy any Pureology product in your favorite salons today, and take part to help keep the colors in cancer patients lives alive. Ask your stylists about Pureology – 100% Vegan, Zero Sulfate shampoos enriched with organic botanicals.

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    July box contains basic needs for every woman, it's not really something I would expect to receive from BDJ box, lalo na since it's delay, i really expected something big (not big box LOL) from them this July since we waited quite longer. anyway, it's true, we still get more than what we paid for! hehe!

  • Kaycee Enerva

    Hey Kat! I'm glad I found this review. My friend has been using KB for 2 years and she says KB is good. Well, her skin is whiter now than it used to but she uses too many whitening products that may have taken their effect, which may not be KB's effects! lol .Anyway you recommended Gluta White and I have tried it before, but it didn't work for me. 🙁 well horses for courses I guess! I will have a look at Snow Caps though . Thanks :*

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    I am still doubting if I am gonna subscribe for it or not, hahaha. I am a type of person kasi na afraid of trying something lalo na if there is a money included, i think im not the only one. Sana when I am really decided, sana yung box na im gonna recieve is worth the price or its better that if the products are expensive than my payment. Hihi. 🙂

  • Kaycee Enerva

    you know, i am about to buy this pero i changed mind na. haha. i will keep on looking and read reviews.. the latest that I have tried is metathione but never seen even a bit of whitening effect on my skin.

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