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#BensimonDIY – Customize Your Own Bensimon Pair!

Tis the season of DIY events for brands. It’s nice to know that PR agencies are starting to make the events more fun and interactive to those who are attending it such as the bloggers and celebrities. Not your usual “Speaker here-Discuss product here-eat here-lootbags here-send out press kits here” PR agencies are really getting creative and I’m proud!
Last week I was invited to Bensimon Philippine’s DIY Design Your Own Bensimon Event where we had the chance to get into our creative hats and customize our own sneakers. A table was setup for the attendees and we were given a pair to play around with. The table had all sorts of crafty items like colored pens, paint, bleach, glitter, glue, sequins and a whole lot more. I sat down for a few 5 minutes and said to myself “Ok I’m overwhelmed and don’t know what to do”
To those who aren’t famiiar, Bensimon is a Parisian brand of sneakers. They are well known for comfort chic! Their shoes are flexible you can bend em at will!







My blank canvass. What to do what to do. Hmm..



I always loved gold. It makes anything fabulous! White and gold, hmm not bad, I could go wild with my design but I decided to keep it simple because I want to pair a lot of outfits with my Bensimon shoes




Then I couldn’t help it, I just had to add this teensy weensy detail at the back. A star. Because as a believer of the law of attraction, I want to feel like a STAR every time I wear these 🙂

My working table

I finished designing my shoes in 15 minutes, I wanted to stay a bit more but I felt awkward. The invitees there seem to be familiar with each other already >_< I was too shy that time. Do you feel that way sometimes? I loved my shoes so much though! I feel like wearing them all the time!!!!!! They don’t have any laces because they’re slip-ons and they fit perfectly too.


I wore my pair the following day on Tomato’s Swap Watch event. It matches really well with my dainty denim dress from Just G
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