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Where to Buy High Performing & Stylish Activewear in the Philippines?

Ever since I got serious into this athletic lifestyle (naks!), I’ve been secretly obsessed with shopping for activewear. I’m very particular! What I hate most is those so-called “local” brands. Pero in reality they re-sell you their wholesale from Shopee or Alibaba then place their label on the product *roll eyes*. After meticulous research, here’s my list of my favorite online shops for activewear. The last one will shock you! Char!


Koru Athleisure

Why? My latest activewear discovery! I FINALLY FOUND THE PERFECT PAIR OF LEGGINGS!✨ capslock para intense!

☑️ Squat-proof
☑️ Soft and comfy
☑️ Fits my small waist and big hips that has always been an issue with other brands (w26 h37)
☑️ Stretchy fabric
🚫 No sweat marks
🚫 No camel toe

I ain’t gonna recommend these if I haven’t tried and tested the leggings myself. Huhuhu I finally found THE ONE 😭

Where to find them? @koruathleisure on Instagram



Why? So far her shop’s the place to be to find the lowest priced overruns. From Forever21, Lululemon, GAP, etc. She responds to messages quickly and delivers on time. I’m satisfied with everything I purchased from her!

Where to find them? @StyleUpMNL on Instagram



Why? They sell authentic Gym Shark athletic wear for both men and women. Including the latest designs of sports bras and leggings. Slightly sad that the brand is pricey (think 2,500 and above). But of quality. I haven’t bought any Gym Shark product yet for that reason but I plan to have at least one.

What I got from their store is a super cool Insulated Blender Bottle for my protein shakes that can keep my drink in its perfect temperature!

Where to find them? @GymStuffPh on Instagram



Why? Simple and functional. The price is in the mid-range of the athletic wear spectrum. Their sports bras range from and they have occasional sales.

Where to find them? @pinchfitnessph



How I wish they made their prices a teeny bit more accessible for everyone. The cheapest pair of leggings I found is at 1,000php and the average cost is around 2,000php for sports bras and fitness pants. I ordered a pair of pants that I’ve been eyeing for some time now. I’m excited!

Where to find them?


Hay nako! If you’re patient enough and brave to take the risk. Try ordering your fitness apparel at Shopee (PROMO CODE: BSUKIKIKAYSIKAT) This is where other local brands buy their products anyway and re-label with their own “brand”. A sports bra can go as low as 149php and tights as cheap as 250php.  These are resold at 200% their original cost. But take caution! Read as many reviews as you can before buying.

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