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My Singapore Cosmetics Haul

🙂 Thank you hubby for sponsoring my purchases! Teehee.. Can’t wait to try everything and review them for you guys. The skinfood BB mushroom cream is a gift from Cindy my officemate 😀

Can you name them all? Kidding!

My haul on my purple pilates mat

I went all around different stores but ended up buying more at SaSa and Watson’s. Lots of cosmetics my eyes were oggling all over. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. But I stuck with essentials that I’m sure I would use. Not much blushers or eyeshadows here because I still have lots.

Haul List:

  1. K-Palette 24 Hour Pen Liner in Black – 2 pieces. I got one at first but it was too awesome not to buy a backup.
  2. Shiseido Eyelash Curler
  3. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Fresh
  4. Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream – Oh, this one’s 516PHP from Korea. Talk about MARKUP! *roll eyes*
  5. Kate Eyeshadow Palette
  6. Canmake Highlighter in White
  7. Canmake Lip Concealer
  8. Canmake Blusher Duo
  9. Soap and Glory Arch of Triumph – You know that brows are very important! I tried this at sephora and it was love at first trial. I got this because it’s pencil too. Pencils are one of the cosmetics that have the longest lifespan.
  10. Urban Decay Naked Liners Set
  11. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy
  12. Benefit Eyebright
  13. Sasatine Mascara – It clumps to the highest of levels. SUCKS! Dont buy!
  14. Imju Fiberwig Macara – An all time fave, my 3rd tube already. But my sis in law gave me another one so this will be a backup.
  15. Bronson Tourmaline Mini Iron – I got it because it was so tiny, light, and PINK
  16. Random Sasa Facemasks to give away to friends 🙂
I can’t wait to post each individually! And give feedback because these are so so so so good (except for the sasatine)

Oh, and have I mentioned it always rains in SG when I come visit? Here’s me at Singapore Zoo.. drenched. 😀 but still had a good time!


Have a happy Wednesday peeps!

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