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Review: Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

Howdy folks! Nope I’m not dead yet.. luckily.. but I’ve been recently bombarded with office work that I’m backlogged with writing reviews. Oh, and the photos of the product backlog will be posted tomorrow. You will be shocked! O_O Anyway, here’s the much awaited review on the Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

Instructions on how to apply

Nice ingredients.

Too busy to even watermark! *sob*

Yey its in a small convinient squeeze tube





has very moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin e, and aloe

feels like a light moisturizer and is absorbed quickly
looks like regular skin in real life
its matte
very photogenic
paraben free
fragrance free
its very expensive, retails at around 2800PHP
there are similar products that can give the same effect but with a cheaper price tag
lacks coverage
settles on fine lines
not long lasting, lasts 3 hours tops
I would recommend this to girls who have good skin already oh and to those who have lots of moolah :O
This is more like a tinted moisturizer than a foundation. Some people like this product, especially from the US area, I’m not sure why. Maybe because of their
cooler climate?
I have to be honest with my reviews and even if I got this for free, sadly i will not buy this.
The amount you get for its price does not justify the amount you will use and how long it stays on your skin. I highly recommend their aqua foundation. The review of that wonderful, wonderful product is a different story, on a different post. I’ve been tweeting about Koh Gen Doh aqua foundation ever since I brought it to Singapore as my default foundation since hubby loves natural korean-like skin. (Yes, it can be achieved with Koh Gen Do’s Aqua Foundation)

Missing you guys, and I so so so so super duper wish I can update this blog again EVERYDAY!

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