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Nano Gluta 800k Review – I Got DARKER WTF

This review or let me say feature will be short and sweet. I get TONS of requests from you my readers to have the Thailand Glutathione reviewed. I mean, you deserve it guys. I see this being sold everywhere. Don’t ask me where I bought this because I don’t want you to experience what I did (see last photo, sadness). Nano Gluta 800k Review

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I think the ingredients list is total BULL. You can’t fit in 80000mg in a small capsule (see photo below) and together with a whole bunch of other stuff. To be honest with you folks, I really want to know what’s in it. Too bad I’m not a scientist who can dissect the contents of this one. If you gusy know anyone from DOH or something to have this checked out please do. This product is rampant in the market, being sold without any approval and it’s not safe.


What’s in it?? It’s a complete mystery. I don’t believe what the packaging says but it smells “herbal” to me. I took this for 2 weeks  (this one and this one alone)


Photo from the UP JMA WestPalm Event

Nano Gluta 800k Review

OMFG I got darker. I got tan. Even with my extensive use of SPF. I’m on “panic-mode” right now wondering how I can return to my original skin color. I stopped using this right away the moment I noticed the change. It was actually my colleague who noticed it at first then I didn’t believe him, until I saw the photos! *shock* So now I’m planning to take one of my favorite glutathione (this really worked for me, I’ll reveal it soon)  together with vitamin C and let’s see how it goes.
*Note that our bodies react differently to medicine. This is how my body responded to Thailand Glutathione so if this worked well for you, then good. If not, let me know in the comments section below so others may know.


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