I Went Karaoke with My Co-Beauty Bloggers – Sunsilk Selfie Moment

with DJ Cerah
Last week we were invited to a Sunsilk Karaoke Event with my co-bloggers. Bloggers were separated in individual rooms according to their niche. I was grouped with the super gorgeous beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers/vloggers. 

It was held at Redbox Greenbelt and the theme was PINK and very festive.

Woohoo. Champagne to kick-off the night (and give us guts to sing our hearts out lol)

With my favorite friend Earth Rullan of Thanks for shooting my crazy Bed of Roses Karaoke Cover sayang hindi natin nasave yung Chasing Pavements

Don’t laugh. I was not drunk yet hahaha. I love singing doble-kara-esque songs and portay a man and a woman.

There’s a contest where the best barkada selfie moment wins Redbox GCs and a bottle of wine (more alcohol?! haha)
 New found friends in Arisse, Nice, Earth (lumang friend na kita)
Sana maulit muli… I LOVE TO SING! (frustrated singer, pangarap ko talaga!)
and now, to share the press release 

Sarah’s Selfie Moment
Geronimo and her Hairkada continue to embark on life’s adventures, always with
smooth and fragrant hair made possible by Sunsilk. Catch them as they go around
the city, while having great hair that calls for a #SunsilkSelfieMoment.
Throughout the day, maintaining great hair can be a challenge, especially when
it is exposed to heat and pollution. But with Sunsilk’s Smooth and Manageable
range, Sarah’s hair is still selfie-ready anytime, anywhere. “I-selfie na yan!”
she says as she captures every priceless moment and uploads them on social
media. Her hectic schedule does not prevent her from looking good and posing
for the camera, because with Argan oil that deeply nourishes hair, Sunsilk
makes her hair all day smooth and fragrant.
her latest single entitled Selfie Moment, Sarah sings about being care-free and
having the best time with her friends as Sunsilk lets her wear her hair down on
every adventure, gimmick and night-out. She encourages girls to take selfies to
capture the fun in every moment, to have fun and leave all hair worries behind
because they have Sunsilk to rely on.
Selfie Moment music video features the Pop Princess as she surprises her fans
during a #SunsilkSelfieMoment: dance practice, a birthday party, and even a
regular after-school hangout. With her hair that stayed smooth and fragrant, Sarah’s
fans took the opportunity to capture the moment by taking selfies with the Pop
Princess and her Sunsilk Hairkada. Armed with a pink selfie stick, Sarah and
her fans show that with great hair, every moment instantly becomes a
Share Your #SunsilkSelfieMoment to Win
Share your selfie on Twitter and Instagram
with the hashtag #SunsilkSelfieMoment, and get a chance to win daily prizes and
a special selfie kit from Sunsilk. Keep those selfies coming until May 30,
and share Sarah Geronimo’s #SunsilkSelfieMoment music video (
on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To know more about Sunsilk’s Smooth and
Manageable range, like Sunsilk on Facebook, and follow @SunsilkPH on Twitter
and Instagram. 

L-R: Cerah, Nikita, Arisse, Nice, Earth, Me, Chase
Hello Sunsilk and Thinline PR. Thank you for inviting me. I had LOADS OF FUN. Sa uulitin!


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