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How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop? In Layman’s Terms. Sort of.


Next to a mobile phone, laptop is the next best essential tool as a digital nomad. But How often should we replace our laptops? Is there a specific time-frame when we should do so? Find out the answer today.

Yes don’t let the snot on my shirt distract you from reading this article. I have colds for 1 month now because of the shitty weather and one of the things that’s making me happy is my new laptop.


To give you a background of myself and my “credibility”; Before I was a full-time blogger, I was an IT Analyst for Chevron Holdings. I graduated computer science, and *drumroll* here’s the biggest part of my credentials. I’ve been addicted to computers since year 2000. Working from hardware and software. Also regularly chatted at mIRC for kicks LOL.


I recently got a new HP Pavilion x360 a couple of weeks ago because my 2 year old Lenovo G-4080 died on me. Yes. After only 2 years. The letters of the keyboard started popping out, the trackpad stopped working, and I wasn’t satisfied with the shitty screen resolution. As a blogger, I need to see the real colors of the images and videos I’m working on. My old laptop wasn’t cutting it for me so it was time to replace it. I felt guilt. A lot of guilt. I only owned it for 2 years and I heard some people keep theirs for more than 5. Thus, I did research on How Often Should We Replace Our Laptops  to pacify my guilt.


How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop?

2017-08-26 22_04_55-After how many years should you replace a desktop or laptop computer running Win

Here’s the answer I got from Quora. It’s got the most up votes and was picked as the best answer. It’s pretty long so if you’re lazy to digest this I’ll summarize it for ya:

  1. A laptop’s usual EOL (end of life) is 4 years

  2. The recommended replacement time is 3 years

  3. If you keep it for 4 years, 5 years, or hold on to it even longer. Expect hardware problems to occur.

I hope my summary helped you decide on when you should replace your laptop. 3 years is the recommended replacement time. BUT if you’re filthy rich and have a lot of cash to throw, go ahead, replace it everyday. Of course I was being sarcastic. I replaced mine in 2 years because I’m not good at taking care of things. More often than not, I take for granted those who/what are important to me *hugot*


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