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On Using Your Influence for the Greater Good

Time check, 4:18am February 8 2019.

I’ve been busy the past few days that I’ve resorted to pre-scheduling my personal musings in advance and prioritizing sponsored posts to be published depending on client’s target date. I started out writing in this blog in goals of earning “semi-passive” income in peace. But without intentionally doing so, I’ve become what folks like me may find off(ensive).



What is an influencer?

I discussed that in my earlier comprehensive comparison article on: Difference Between Bloggers, Influencers, and Vloggers. But in a nutshell an influencer is literally someone who motivates you to do the same thing he/she does. Whether working out, eating right, or purchasing that brand spanking new hat in Uniqlo. The last sentence is what motivates most budding influencers to do what they do. Sponsorship, experience, and income generation.

How can you measure an influencer’s effectiveness? Reach & engagement. Most of the time ROI is still mostly made by b/vloggers who create content with the deciding factor.


On Using Your Influence for the Greater Good

Life is short. Make it meaningful.

Recently when I started to be more active on social media, I wanted to post content beyond the usual OOTDs (outfit of the day), Travel photos, or FOTD (makeup, face of the day). My goal was to make people who follow me on social media think and feel. How can I be a better person today? Whether in as simple as picking up the trash someone left of the street, or promoting advocacies like gender equality.

While we can use social media to promote advocacies, we shouldn’t use it to brag about doing good deeds (ex. posting a photo of you giving alms to the poor). There are still a lot of things I prefer not sharing on socials and only publish things that needs noise and bigger support. Find your personal boundary to distinguish which ones to post and which ones to keep for yourself and God to know.


A Few Meaningful Activities

The first quarter of this year was amazing! I was invited to a round-table discussion on passing the Anti-Catcalling Law

Joined to promote the 2 Billion KM walk to help refugees in partnership with United Nations


and worked with other beauty influencers to give Hope for Lupus members a beauty makeover in partnership with EB Advance Cosmetics!

This is just a few noteworthy causes that I choose to write about.

eb advance warrior


eb advance warrior




eb advance warrior

Final Thoughts

Quoting Uncle Ben in Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility”

Whether your outlet is in writing, videos, or social media. YOU have enough reach to people worldwide. Like I always say, EVERYONE is an influencer. How will you use your reach/engagement beyond promoting products/brands? and How will you separate actual advocacies from narcissistic self-branding.

Maximise your influence. Support a cause. Use your influence for the greater good.







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