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READ: Blogger VS. Influencer – Everything You Need to Know


Regardless if you are a newbie blogger, a long-time marketing associate, a PR Head or a veteran blogger. I hope this write-up help you with the deciding factors on the pros and cons of each and take note; one can be both. BUT I’ll be presenting the advantages and disadvantages of separate entities. This can help  you decide the specifics depending on your goal and objective.


This will be very long and comprehensive. Patience is key but this is worth it trust me.

To give you a brief introduction to myself, if this is your first time to visit the blog; Hi, I’m Kaycee. I’ve been an active blogger for more than 20 years now. I’ve been writing personal musings, reviews, and thoughts since year 2000. Being an influencer began 2 years ago when I entered the social media hullabaloo because change is inevitable. One has to adjust in order to survive in the survival of the fittest.


Back in the year 1990’s, the beginning stage of the internet. A blog is a short name for web-log aka personal log aka diary on the Internet. Writers during these times didnt think about “earning” I started with my first website, the now defunct

Most people just wrote about their hobbies, feelings and experiences without the marketing people realizing these people, who are writing genuine thoughts will be a money-making machine because thanks to search engines; people rely on honest reviews before purchasing a product. BLOGGERS WRITE and good bloggers write well.

Nowadays, there are more than billions of bloggers globally each with different niches. From automobiles, computers, beauty, food, fashion, and sports. There are also those who we call “event-bloggers” who writes based on their coverage and act as an online media.

Keypoint in finding the best blogger: Traffic. Organic Traffic. Search Engine Traffic. Direct Traffic. A high number of unique views guarantees exposure globally with the number of people reading their posts. One more thing, a blog post lasts for a lifetime. It’s searchable for a lifetime. As long as the internet exists. This is best to put your investment in if you’re in it for the long-term.

Tools to Use:, Google Analytics

Do not rely on “ranking sites” as most are rigged and unreliable


Started in the late 2000’s in the age of the millenials. Mostly comprising of creative and attractive youths. These are the generation who gained thousands of followers in youtube, facebook, twitter, and instagram. Each post, despite their short lifespan, targets thousands of likes that can make your brand/product viral.


I mentioned in my other post that everyone is considered an influencer. Whether on FB, Twitter or any other platform. Even your magtataho can be an influencer if you saw him with a cool hat and ask him where he got it 🙂

If you choose the right influencer. TRUTH. Likes and Followers can be bought.

So do a background check to make sure their likes/followers are real people and not robots.

Keypoint in finding the best influencers: Actual living followers, natural likes, creativity, artistry, and attractiveness. The ability to influence based on photos or videos posted on their accounts. These are mostly celebrities, upcoming celebrities or viral people.

Tool to Use: or anything that measures social media influence.




  • Influence-centric
    • Only active in social media


  • Blog-centric
    • High blog traffic (more than 10,000 views per day)
    • Has quality content (more than 300 words, with supporting photos/videos)
    • High engagement (comments/shares/linkback)
    • Has social media accounts but has low engagement


  • Multimedia Superstar
    • High followers
    • High engagement
    • High Traffic/Organic Views of website
    • Has social media accounts with high engagement


  • Media Mediocrity
    • Has both social media accounts & blog
    • Usually copy & paste
    • Poor quality of content
    • Doesn’t really have significant traffic
    • Doesn’t have significant # of followers
    • Low engagement
    • Highly active in attending events/covering events to generate content



If you’re a brand that wants to be effective, I highly suggest this practice:
  1. Gather 3 types: Influence-centric Blog-centric, Multimedia Superstar
  2. Assign the influence-centric to create BUZZ for your product
  3. Assign the Blog-centrintric to create an honest to goodness review/feature of your product because once the people feel the buzz, the next thing they’ll do is GOOGLE and they’ll read the blog-centric’s post. This will be their deciding point if they’ll buy what you’re selling.
  4. Assign the multmedia superstar to do BOTH
Piece of advice? Make sure your money is worth it, better to invest in the top 3 (influence-centric, blog-centric, multimedia superstar) than waste your money on media mediocrity that are many in number but won’t generate any return of investment (ROI). Oh, and Nuffnang Philippines is very reliable when you need any of these types.Oh, and nothing comes for free so do pay them according to their WORTH
Feedbacks? Reactions? Comments? Suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment. I don’t judge. My blog is open for everyone.



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