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Gourmet Guys Food Favorites

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I’m on the Gourmet Guys 1100 calorie diet and I’m loving the results. Half-way through we’re half-way towards my goal of an 8lbs loss. From 108lbs I’m now 104.2lbs
You too can achieve your weight loss goals with this system.Anyway, if you’re curious what I indulge in everyday take a look at my Gourmet Guys meals below! Food porn ahead.











At first glance you may think this is ordinary bland popcorn. But pop a kernel in your mouth and it tastes like melted white chocolate!!!!!!! I wanted to eat more!


Made out of rolled oats! With cherries <3

BUT, in my opinion, it is really not recommended to do diet delivery like this for long term for 1 reasons.
You microwave your meals. The best option is still to eat freshly cooked food as much as possible.


  • KikaySiKat

    I tried Diet Diva before for 2 weeks. It's like Gourmet Guys where they deliver your meal every day in limited calories. It was too pricey for me. 🙁 Heartbreaking! So I decided to get inspiration from the meals I got from them and asked my Mama to cook the same meals. Haha.

  • Kaycee Enerva

    Hi. I checked out gourmet guys and saw that their deliveries are 20-30 days. Am wondering, what are your actual results from the 20 to 30 day period? 🙂 Were you able to sustain the weight loss? Your feed back would be very helpful! Thanks! 🙂

  • Kaycee Enerva

    I lost weight definitely. But I had to eat on top of their meal deliveries because 1100 calories was too low for me that I got light-headed one time.

    Make sure you know your goals and your activities!

    You can check out for sure nutrient and calorie calculator

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