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Relieve Stress with Painting and Comfort Food


I’m going to share a secret with you guys. It’s 10 o’clock in the evening,  I’m snacking on pandesal filled with Purefoods Corned Beef  and writing my blogging backlogs while my son Geof is asleep. As a stay-at-home working mom, the only free time I have to write is:

A. When my son is at school B. When my son is asleep. Raise your hands if you can relate! Hahaha!

Relieve Stress with Art, Painting and Food


Now how do we lighten our load? These 2 basic things we’re already familiar with are actually proven to lessen stress and instantly make us feel better. Eating and Painting.

Just the act of having a hobby can make you feel more balanced in your lifestyle. Sometimes with all of life’s responsibilities, we forget that we need and deserve ‘down time’ and self-care. Taking even a few minutes on a regular basis to devote to a hobby can give you more of what you need in this area.

And, with painting, you have the additional benefit of being left with something beautiful (or at least interesting) to show for it!


Now imagine if you get to do both things at the same time! I feel so blessed to have been invited to Purefoods #iHeartArt event held at Sip and Gogh.  I’ve been to Sip and Gogh once and did an abstract portrait. This time around we were taught to paint a sky, stars, trees and an additional silhouette of our choice. I’ll show you what my “extra” is at the end of this post.  The staff was clear on giving us step-by-step instructions on how to replicate the sky. Can you believe we only used 1 flat brush all-throughout? With hues of blue, white, and black.

Dishes by Purefoods

We were also served yummy dishes concocted using Purefoods Corned Beef and their blue line of chinese sausages, and meat loaf. My favorite was the chili bomb! It’s a large green chili pepper filled with cheese and sliced meat loaf. The spiciness complimented the savory taste of the Purefoods Meat Loaf. I think I ate around 8 pieces? LOL. Sorry not sorry! Hay naku, ask everyone who knows me and they’ll tell I’m very sensitive when it comes to canned food and I only, only choose Purefoods when it comes to Corned Beef kasi I know it’s real meat. It has big chunks and strands and tastes natural. I tried other brands and it left my tongue with a very artificial taste. ugh.




Painting with Ms Heart Evangelista


Everyone was surprised when the ever so charming Ms Heart Evangelista came in to give us advice on painting and a quick q&a (and beauty tips too!). She is such a sweetheart. She was asked what makeup was she wearing that day and would you believe she’s not wearing any foundation?! Only Benefit for the brows, Naturactor Concealer, NARS Deepthroat Blush, Mascara, and NARS Lipstick.


Tada! Here’s my finished product! My add-on is special. It’s a silhouette of me and my baby Geof. He can be a handful most of the time but he’s the most precious blessing given to me and he’s the reason why I strive to survive. Thank you so much for this relaxing experience! Now I feel well-rested and ready to face new challenges!

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