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CLICK: 4 Fabulous Brow Makeup that Won’t Break the Bank


#4 – Fashion 21 Eyebrow Powder

How much? 150php

Why should you try it? Despite its tacky packaging, the product is smooth, pigmented, and workable. Please use  light hand when applying as it can look harsh. The brush is not so bad either. Try it if you’re scrimping.

#3 – In2It Eyebrow Powder Trio (review)

How much? 349php

Why should you try it? Because I’ve been using this product for YEARS and go back to this each time. It’s waterproof and sweat proof. Comes in 3 different shades and the brush included in the kit is durable and useable

#2 – Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Eyebrow Kit

How much? 399php (get it at Beauty MNL)

Why should you try it? Features one wax and three powders; expertly shapes, defines, and fills even the sparsest brows; colors can be used solo or blended together for customization; comes with two mini brow brushes for precision control

#1 – Kate Tokyo Lasting Eyebrow W (review)

How much? 699php

Why should you try it? Do read my full review for details but it’s in my number one spot for a reason. It’s compact, multi-purpose, fool-proof and natural. It’s perfect for ladies who are in a hurry because it’s in a pen form. No need for a separate brush, thinking about the powder palettes breaking.

That’s it pancit! Hope you enjoyed my quick round-up of new makeup to try! We only have 2 eyebrows pero all agree that kilay is life so the more makeup the merrier! ^_^

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