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Kanebo Kate Lasting Eyebrow W Review


HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO! Today I’ll be a featuring Kanebo Kate Lasting Eyebrow W which is a dual-ended brow pen to give you natural looking brows that lasts and lasts. It’s resistant to water, sweat, and fading. I’m not sure if you guys are aware that Kate by Kanebo is an affordable mid-range brand you can buy from department stores. A few years ago, I was intimidated to pass by their counters because whenever I hear the brand Kanebo, it’s synonymous to expensive. Kate by Kanebo is targeted to ladies like us who wants quality makeup without breaking the bank. I recently had an eyebrow embroidery at Pretty Looks but there are days that I want to add more oomph so an eyebrow makeup is a must!

Product Description

Where to buy – Kate by Kanebo Kiosks in SM Beauty, Landmark, and other leading department stores

How much does it cost? 699php

As you can see in the photo below it has 2 ends. One is the liquid pen-type that has a very fine tip perfect for shaping our eyebrows. The other end is a sleek sponge that distributes powder. You use the sponge to fill-in the gaps



Kanebo Kate Lasting Eyebrow W Swatch


Top – Pen Bottom – Powder

Kanebo Kate Lasting Eyebrow W Review and How to Use


How to Use

  1. Use a liquid to pencil in the outer corner, and where insufficient, to shape up the eyebrow.
  2. Use a powder to draw an eyebrow shading line.
  3. Use the powder to smudge the entire eyebrow.

One attribute that makes Kate by Kanebo Lasting Eyebrow W stand-out from its competitors is that it’s fool-proof. It comes in a natural brown/taupe shade that’s suitable for most hair colors. It’s impossible to over-do your brows and make you look like Betty La Fea. The ink from the brush tip distributes color and adds definition and the powder sets everything in place. It lasts me the whole day with no retouches as long as I don’t do any excruciating physical activities like going to the gym or wrestling. It’s my current brow staple in my makeup kit.

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