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People are Happiest When In Love

I’m a frequent taxi cab rider because of my lazyness and it’s very rare
that I encounter a “nice driver”. Most of them are either mean, hot headed especially on traffic,
misguide you on directions, ask for a lot of tips, or tell hate stories like it’s the end of the world.

Well, yesterday was different.

He was well-mannered. I just told where and he knew the shortest way.
He was quiet all throughout the ride, and not the typical driver who starts
a conversation (I know it must be boring to drive all day without someone to talk to but sometimes
they have to see if the person wants to converse or just stay quiet)
He never asked for an extra pay.
I paid an exact fare and he graciously thanked me politely with a
“thank you mam”
and dropped me off my wanted location.

Things I noticed while in the taxi
1. His playlist of lovesongs consisting of – VST (Vic Sotto and Company I think?), Till they take my heart away,
Glory of Love, and other cheesy but still romantic songs.
2. He was smiling
3. During stoplights, he would text someone and then look happy.

I therefore conclude that this taxi cab driver was in love.


When a person is in love, everything turns into positive. Especially during the first stages of courtship,
we don’t feel stressed at all. Even when the day is gloomy, we gleam an aura of rainbow.

Too bad it doesn’t last for long to most people, and it turns into a chore for them.
If only people could remain in-love for the rest of their lives, no person
would live miserable.


Stay in love and happy everyone! Have a nice LONG weekend!


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