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If you could have only two lipgloss in your entire life..

I Only Own 2 Lipgloss

And theyre just recently bought this year
both of them are from Revlon.


Revlon Superlustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pop and Nude Lustre

I am not fond of glosses because of the ff reasons:
1. Sticky-ness
2. They expire a lot sooner than lipsticks which to me is a waste of moolahs
3. If I wanted color on my lip, I would put lipstick instead

But I bought a couple since I there are times I wanted my lips to look
shiny and moist. To me these two are enough for most looks. 

Pink pop is a cool toned bright fuschia pink on the tube but when applied on lips
alone is a wonderful pink that is flattering on most skin tones. It also makes my 
non-wearable lipsticks, wearable-bearable

Nude Lustre is a peachy beige gloss that when used on top of other nude lipsticks make them
I use this everytime I do a nude look because when using nude lipsticks alone, makes me look
like a zombie and washed out.


How about you guys? Do you love or hate glosses? If you have other lipgloss to suggest what are they and why? *wink wink* might try your suggestions and maybe influence me to get more haha


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