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Perfume Review: Narcisso Rodriguez For Her EDT vs EDP

Hello everyone! How are you all guys doing? I missed blogging, but most of all I missed interacting with my readers. I’ve been busy with reality lately. In the past few years, actually since highschool; Most of my “life” existed online. From studying, to games, even my social life. It only existed online. It’s just this recently that I’ve begun to enjoy reality and not drown myself in a world that i made up. It’s nice. I’m happy 🙂 So spreading good vibes… kikaysikat is back, up and running! Inspired again! Haha we have those days right?

Now on to the review. I’ve been addicted to perfumes since elementary and collecting perfume bottles, even ask from my aunt and mom their empty ones! But I lost all of em since we transfered home 🙁 So I’m starting out from scratch again.. will post a picture of my new collection on my next post…

Narciso Rodriguez…

Young and very modern American designer of Cuban origins Narciso Rodriguez has launched his first fragrances which has instantly become the hit in the US, and not only there. The new modern aroma is aimed at the modern and free woman, who is aware of her sexuality. Popularity of this fragrance (regardless of its unusual composition and a heavy character, and perhaps exactly because of that) is easy to explain because it reflects a desire of every woman to attract and seduce, and this fragrance has openly sexual character. Unusual lustful composition is created with the sensual musk in its centre, surrounded by orange, osmanthus and amber. The base unites vanilla, amber and vetiver. Intensive sharp scent with hidden and scarcely discernible densely-sweet nuance in the centre later turns into a soft and balmy powder. The aggression disappears and the fragrance becomes tame and gentle.
At first, in 2004 it was launched as EDT in a black bottle in pink outer box. Then in 2006 the EDP was created in a pink bottle and black outer box. The composition was changed, despite the fact that the musk note has remained in the centre of the composition. EDP has rose note in the top. The trace has become more mysterious and rich, thanks to exotic woods – patchouli and sandalwood. Both variances of the fragrance can be described as floral chypre with intensive musk nuance, only the first one is sharper and more aggressive, while the second one is sweeter and softer. The creators of these fragrances are Christine Nagel andFrancis Kurkdjian.

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I tried on both on different wrists and they reacted differently.

 EDT has a sharp initial citrus smell, the middle note on me was synthetic, plastic, strong musk. I don’t sense any orange blossom at all. The dry down was your standard amber, vanilla. It also smelled a bit masculine on my chemistry. 

EDT.  I disliked it initially but after a few uses i LOVE this more than the EDP

it has more character, oomph, and lasts longer. Oh and the drydown is heavenly, though faded, the drydown smells like warm marshmallows on me, not too sweet but warm and pleasant. The musk never goes away, but gives that sexy vibe to the perfume

definitely signature worthy… but it’s a bit “cold” in our country right now, not sure how this would react during the summer.. hope this also works in summer months!

EDP. Initial spray was soapy, clean rose scent. It was love at first sniff. I hate patchouli. I HATE patchouli. Fortunately, it was mild on this one and I can barely detect it on my skin. Middle and heart notes I can smell musk, florals, and some sweetness. It smells both sexy, sultry and sweet. Classy without trying too hard.

Sillage is average, staying power is around 8 hours.

EDP is fresh and sweet
EDT is mysterious and sexy.

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