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Day 2: Lean Gains, 360, and Fitness Goals

It was only late last year that I’ve been more conscious about my health and fitness. I never exercised, I ate until my stomach gave up and really didnt care. My realization that I have to do something with my appearance was when the LRT security guard approached me and asked me to sit down because he thought I was pregnant.

I still sat down and pretended I was carrying a baby! Haha.. hey it was so crowded!
You can read more about it here (

A couple of months after. I wanted more. I no longer want to go to the gym just to have abs or lose weight. I wanted to get stronger. It’s just not about how you look, it’s the total package.

It’s currently day 2 of my Lean Gains “diet” where you can read more about here (

basically you have an 8 hour window to eat, and 16 hours to fast. I strictly eat veggies, lean meat, and fruits on my first 4, and then load on carbs/protein the next four. I eat more carbs during training days, and less on rest days.

Among all the “diets” I’ve tried, so far this is the most tolerable. You dont restrict yourself from counting calories, you dont limit to small amounts. You just eat, it’s just the timing is different, and you just don’t eat for a longer period of time. So why am I putting double quotes on the word diet, because Lean Gains is not just a diet, if it works for you, fasting may just become a lifestyle.

Besides doing this, I’ve been training a lot harder this week with Coach Yogi. He told me I had great endurance and stamina, but very weak strength wise so I’m looking forward to improve that aspect.

I’ll be posting more of the workouts I did and the food I ate for the day in my future posts, just to keep track, and also for google to update its crawlers for my blog since daily updates means more “screentime” with search engines. HAHAHA.

Breakfast: 8AM
Greens – Lettuce drizzled with the slightest bit of Ceasar Salad dressing

Lunch: 12PM
Nasi Goreng from Hawkers – 3 pcs chicken, 1 fried egg, 1 fried rice, 1 glass dalandan juice

Afternoon: 3:30PM
1 Cup Lean Cereal
1/4 Cup Low Fat Milk

55 Reps each, jogging from end to end while switching workout
1. Burpees
2. Squats w/ weights
3. Bicycle Situps
4. Pushups

100 reps – Battling Rope. Haha. A heavy rope you lift and move like you’re maneuvering a horse. Ooh boy this one hit the spot! So tired after!

Coach Yogi told me he’ll be training me harder next week since he noticed I didnt get too tired from the first round of exercises. I can’t wait!

So what are my fitness goals? To be in better shape in 12 weeks, and to maintain a fitter and healthier lifestyle foreverrrr!


  • kikaysikat

    hi sis kath! No actually ive been here in the Philippines since august last year..

    Its more happy in the Philippines! Thanks for dropping by!!!!!

  • Kym

    nice to find a fellow pinay intermittent faster! 😛 my story is simliar to yours.. i started my journey a year ago and the final straw was when someone asked me if i was pregnant. haha! can't wait to read more from your blog!

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