Review: Meat U There Diet Delivery

When I first discovered Meat U There over on instagram I was enthusiastic. I thought to myself, finally, a diet delivery service that focuses on A LOT OF MEAT adjusts to macros, and affordable at 1,700/5 days +50 delivery fee  (1,200 cals). The first meal they served was a tapsilog burrito. This was delicious and I was looking forward to my meals ahead! I mentioned that I wanted 1,500 cals so I added 250php. Hay.. towards the end my smiley turned into a frown. ๐Ÿ™
I told them I was allergic to cilantro, they said they took note but for 3 days straight it was topped on my food. I had to manually take them out. They won’t believe me when I told them my meals had cilantro, they insisted they prepared it separately already. I know the difference between the taste of parsley and cilantro.

They also deliver their food to your homes so late at night. They start delivering 7pm onwards and arrive at my doorstep 930pm onwards, regardless if it was to manila or pasig. (they’re from Marikina). My parents scolded me for subscribing to such hassle.

I gave them a chance since I liked how their food tasted during my 1st week so I subscribed for a second week. Heck I even considered placing them #1 despite their depressing delivery hours.

But as the days went on, the quality of their food deteriorated to mere chicken breast and kamote.

At the end of 2 weeks, most meals consist of seasoned chicken breasts and sweet potatoes. It was depressing really. 


Over-all, I wasn’t satisfied with their service at the end of the day. I was optimistic during the first week because I thought I finally found a diet delivery service that’s affordable, fits macros, tastes good, and convenient. You guys always deserve honest to goodness reviews no matter what. The search goes on….


  • They can improve delivery areas and time. Most office workers are too tired to pickup their food late at night my goodness! Or maybe they can deliver like most services do, in the morning, at their offices
  • Consistency in food quality. Some are hits, most are misses. KAMOTE AND CHICKEN BREAST FOR LIFE? Please be more diverse. There are more sources of protein than chicken.

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